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We at TringTring are committed in providing services as per Industry Best practices to our esteemed customers at Enterprise as well as at Commercial Level. With more than 20 Man years of experience in this industry, TringTring understands today's business environment and has defined its services and solutions accordingly.

Leveraging the experience of its team and its innovative delivery tools, TringTring has the ability to develop a solution aligned with a company's unique needs. TringTring begins the process of defining a custom solution by keeping the end in mind.

Reviewing a company's current back office processes and working with a company's management team to identify inefficiencies helps to simplify and then optimize the processes. In addition, TringTring’s team of qualified professionals and functional experts help validate that the defined solutions are accordance with accounting and human resources regulations and standards We are a corporate personal assistance provider and operate personal assistance desks at Corporation Site Offices where employees can submit their tasks and TringTring carries out the rest.

No task is too small or too big for us. Our concierge experts can do anything from running errands to specialized tasks such as Visa or Passport requests. We function as corporates' personal assistant helping them on tasks that otherwise keep them worried. This helps them yield better results at work and ensures quality time with their dear ones as well

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Recent work
Recent work

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